Who we are

for over 15 years...

Our history

Agostino Donnarumma of Neapolitan origins, precisely from Pompei Scavi, at the young age of 25 decided to move to Como taking over the management of the Takeaway Pizza Peach Pit.
At the beginning it continued with the production of the old management churning out focaccia, pan focaccia, pizza by the slice, chickpea porridge every day.

In 2015 he had the fantastic, somewhat crazy idea of presenting take-away Neapolitan pizza with home delivery in the Como area,
within a radius of 10km.


This idea initially met with a lot of criticism because the Como people were used to eating a different type of pizza and the “Neapolitan pizza” had only been able to taste it in very few places, but never with home delivery.

Agostino therefore takes the credit for having spread the word of “Quality Pizza” in the historic center of Como.

Thus Donnarumma begins to have great success with Neapolitan pizza, so much so that in 2019 he participates in the “World Championship of Pizza“, held in Parma, winning the Silver Medal winning second place in the Neapolitan Pizza category.

Thus the idea of the Como population changed and they began to appreciate the creation of the