The real Neapolitan pizza in Como

The real Neapolitan pizza in Como is from Donnarumma which is a candidate as the top name in the city. The pizzeria is small but is in a central area that can be reached.

Alessandro Paldo

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Maestro Donnarumma

One of the best pizzerias in the city, a well-furnished place with a view of the oven and Maestro Donnarumma. The traditional pizza is excellent but also the fried one.


Local Guide

Simply extraordinary!

What to say???? Simply extraordinary! Very good regular and fried pizza!!! With service and sympathy at the top.

Giulia Di Monaco


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Thanks to our top quality products and Agostino's great skill, we can proudly say that we have the ``Quality Neapolitan Pizza`` in the historic center of Como.


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